Little Dragon’s Key Features

Emotional Awareness

Reads and Responds to your emotional state.

Face Tracking

Sees you, your emotional expressions, and your level of engagement

Machine Learning

Continually improves understanding of your personal learning patterns.

Keeping the Flow

Facilitates a state of ‘flow’ for optimal learning.

Learning Games

Game-based activities to keep the joy in learning.

Efficient Learning

Works with natural patterns of curiosity and interest so progress is easier.

Why is learning so tough?

When we start learning something new - at a level that we can understand - we enjoy a feeling of satisfaction. But as we continue we often feel either bored because we lose interest or frustrated because we can’t cope with the level of difficulty.

Little Dragon’s solution

Experience tells us that it’s easiest to learn, when the stuff that we learn is relevant to us, and we are challenged but still understand what we learn. Scientists developed a concept to explain how people perform optimally – it’s called ‘Flow’. When the level of challenge meets our ever increasing ability we perform happily and efficiently. Little Dragon is being designed to keep people in a state of flow as they learn.

Little Dragon and your new experience of learning

With Little Dragon learning will never feel the same again. Our children will learn about school subjects and their
 areas of interest more happily and more efficiently. Learning and playing will become closer than
ever. Little Dragon does this by constantly reading and responding to your emotions: when things are 
getting too difficult or too easy, Little Dragon will adjust the content to keep you in an ideal flow of learning.

Emotionally Responsive

Little Dragon creates a profile of the learner's ever changing emotional state. Little Dragon will react dynamically to keep the learner engaged according to their previous learning behaviour.

Personal Tutor

Little Dragon is a personal tutor and buddy that builds a caring relationship with the learner, sharing adventures and encouraging each child to follow their interest.

Puppet Character

Little Dragon is all about personalisation, emotional understanding, and fun learning experiences. So we’ve developed a new friend to touch your heart. While the app works stand alone, our tests show that children just love to see and interact with their tutor inside a puppet casing. Each handmade puppet used in our tests is unique, embodying our passion for individualised learning.

Unparalleled Insights

into the experience of learning. Little Dragon will gather vast amounts of unprecedented data of real-time learning experiences, which will improve understanding for students, parents, teachers and everyone else invested in education. In this way, every learning experience becomes a teaching resource.

A Versatile Platform

open to 3rd-Party Developer Content. Little Dragon is more than your average learning app – we invite collaboration and will work with other innovators to take their ideas and creations into the Little Dragon world of personalised emotionally responsive learning.

Uncompromising Data Anonymization

We are as passionate about protecting your data as we area about happy learning. Your personal data will stay with you, and anything you choose to share with us will be anonymised according to your wishes. We will not sell your data to advertisers.

The People behind Project Little Dragon.

Our team is composed of very active and nature-loving individuals – we believe in harmonizing the man-made with the organic in beautiful and balanced ways to make our lives better.

Want to take part in revolutionizing the way we learn?
Little Dragon is a newcomer to the global learning community. We want to help shape the future by working with everyone else that shares our passion and dedication for happier and more effective learning. If you want to get more actively involved we invite you to share your ideas and experiences, and contribute to the growth of happy learning by investing in our project.

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