The Problem:

We communicate with rich emotional expressions, but our devices don’t see or hear this.
Existing Emotional AI services don’t generate individualised dynamic emotional profiles (i.e. they don’t get YOU).

Our solution:

A personalised system that continuously attunes content for the user.

Our First APP:  Little Dragon EQ

First AI-app with interactive emotional intelligence practise.


The aim of the game is to play with Little Dragon, keeping him engaged, healthy, and happy.


Have fun learning about feelings and getting to know a new friend.


Little Dragon will learn about individual interactive emotional patterns.

Unparalleled Insights

into your children emotional evolution. Little Dragon will gather vast amounts of unprecedented data of real-time emotional experiences, which will improve understanding for children, parents, psychologists and everyone else invested in child development. In this way, every experience of your child becomes a knowledgeable resource.

Uncompromising Data Anonymization

We are as passionate about protecting your data as we area about happy learning. Your personal data will stay with you, and anything you choose to share with us will be anonymised according to your wishes. We will not sell your data to advertisers.

Little Dragon’s Key Features

Emotional Awareness

Reads and Responds to your emotional state.

Machine Learning

Continually improves understanding of your personal learning patterns.

Efficient Learning

Works with natural patterns of curiosity and interest so progress is easier.

Face Tracking

Sees you, your emotional expressions, and your level of engagement

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